Cowboy Action Shooting


The Chimney Rocks Regulator’s next shoot is Saturday, April 9th

Registration & Start Time

Unless otherwise noted, sign up is from 8:30 to 9:30 at the clubhouse. Registration fee is $15.00 for non members and $10.00 for club members. First time shooters at our club shoot for free. Junior shooters shoot free all of the time. Bring your own lunch as no kitchen services will be available

Inquiries may be directed to:

Colorado Smith, President,
JB Sledge, Territorial Governor,
Heartbreak Holly, Secretary,
Colorado Coffinmaker, Safety Officer,

Rules & Regulations

It is manditory that all shooters attend the safety meeting prior to each and every shoot.

The rules of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) will apply at all matches. For those who are unfamiliar with the rules set forth by SASS, they can be researched on the SASS website.

All shooters must be familiar with the safe operation of their firearms before particapating in a match.

It is manditory that all shooters use Eye and Hearing protection…NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

2016 Shoot Dates

  • Saturday, March 12th
  • Saturday, April  9th
  • Saturday, May 14th
  • Saturday, June 11th
  • Saturday, July 9th
  • Saturday, August 13th
  • Saturday, September 10th
  • Night Shoot October  8&9


Minimum Equipment Required to Play

Cowboy clothing must be worn, the minimum requirements include a hat, jeans and boots. Everyone is encouraged to choose an alias and to develop the personality and clothing that goes with your character. You may choose your character and name from those who were actually alive in the old west or from B western or movie heros. You can also make up one of your own, have fun with it and dress the part.

All firearms must be originals or clones of those used in the old west. You will need two revolvers, a pistol caliber rifle and a shotgun. The recommended amount of ammo to bring is 60 rounds for your pistols, 60 rounds for the rifle and 50 rounds for the shotgun. If you plan on signing up for the side matches held after the regular competition bring along extra ammo.

Ammunition requirements are lead bullets only, maximum vilocity is not to exceede 1000 fps (feet per second) for pistols and 1400 fps for rifles. Shotgun requires #6 shot or finer.

We will shoot the second Saturday of the month except in August.

Indoor restrooms are available at the clubhouse and there is ample parking available. Ranges are relatively flat and can accommodate any guncart. It would be a little rough but manageable for wheelchairs. Spectators are welcomed and encouraged.


Links to vendors and sites of interest.

Allegheny Trade Company..Firearms Related, (814) 695-3131, Old Route 22, PO Box 85, Duncansville PA 16635
Calico Annie..Clothing Related, (972) 247-6555, 2727 Leta Mae Circle, Dallas TX 75234
CAS City-Cowboy Action Shooting..A website filled with information on cowboy action shooting.
Damascus Wildlife Rangers..Website of the Damascus Wildlife Rangers.
G & J Leather…Leather products for the cowboy action shooter. Holsters, spur straps, cuffs, etc.
Grizzly Joe’s Campsite..A website about cowboy action shooting in central Maryland.
Logans’ Ferry..The shooting page of Logans’ Ferry Sportsmens Club in Plumb Boro PA.
North Mountain Sportsman..Home of the North Mountain Sportsmens Association offering cowboy action shooting.
Stewarts Regulators..Cowboy shooting at the Indiana County Bow & Gun Club.
Walker ’47..Complete outfitters for cowboy action shooters.