Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a member?

A. Click here for fee info and the application form http://pahsca.com/membership-application/

Q. How do I know what events are at the club?

A. Keep watching the club calendar as it is constantly updated. http://pahsca.com/club-calendar/

Q. Are there any regular scheduled events?

A. Yes, 1st. Saturday of the month is USPSA, 2nd Saturday is Cowboy Action Shooting, 3rd Saturday is IDPA,

2nd Sunday is Sporting Clays, Sundays and Thursday evening is Skeet.

Q. Is there a map of the grounds?

A. Yes, http://pahsca.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/club-map-2-12-2013.pdf

Q. What does pahsca stand for in your website name? www.pahsca.com

A. PA Hollidaysburg Sportsman Club Association

Q. When is the indoor range open?

A. The indoor range is only used for club events and class trainings. Watch the calendar.

Q. Can I shoot sporting clays whenever I want?

A. No. Sporting clays is the 2nd Sunday of each month.

(The various Sporting Clays traps located throughout the grounds are very dangerous to use if you are not properly trained on their operation and serious injury is possible. Also, if not operated correctly they can be easily damaged from improper use and operation.)

Q. Can I use the skeet and trap fields as an active member?

A. Yes, if you know the correct operation of machines supporting the fields. Training is available from grounds keeper or B.O.D. members. Keys to access skeet and trap house are kept on the caretaker’s front porch.

Q. Can I use the new training pit range?

A. Yes. It is open to general membership for training.

Q. Can I bring a guest to shoot?

A. Yes, one time as a guest, but then they must join to use the facilities, unless it is a scheduled “open to the public” event.

Q. Does the club offer beginner handgun, shotgun and rifle training?

A. Yes. We have training for beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters. However, the appropriate fees will need to be paid to the trainers. Watch the club calendar for listed events or contact a board member.

Q.I want to volunteer my time or talents. Who do I speak to about that?

A. Join us at a monthly board meeting, contact a board member or the caretaker.

Q. When are the monthly meetings and do I need to do anything to attend?

A.The monthly meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month @ 6:30 PM.

All members are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Q. Do you have food/snacks available at the club or range house?

A. Sometimes, but not always. Some events like Sporting Clays offer a meal but most do not. You would want to check with the event coordinator to make sure. There is usually some type of snack on the table you can purchase and drinks in fridge. We work on the honor system. Just put your money in the cup.  If you don’t have with you this time add a little extra next time.

*Remember we ask that you act responsibly while at the club. Please pick up empty shotgun hulls, take down and throw away used targets, clean up trash, reload skeet and trap machines, etc.

Above all else, safety is our main concern.