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Hollidaysburg Consolidated Sportsmen’s Association

472 Hollidaysburg Sportsman Road
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648
(814) 695-8138

Caretaker...Chuck Hammers (814) 695-8138

Club Officers

President…Jerome Dodson (814) 414-1461  Term ends 2018
Vice President…Wayne Bush (814) 932-5697   Term ends 2019
Recording Secretary…Ron Anderson      Term ends 2019
Treasurer…Christine Dimitroff   Term ends 2018
Membership Secretary… Corey Murphy  Term ends 2018
Skeet Chairmen… Steve Toth   Term ends 2019

Board of Directors

Jon Freas      Term ends 2018
Allen Smith   Term ends 2018
Craig Dimitroff   Term ends 2019
Dan Felton    Term ends 2019
Tom Bennett   Term ends 2019

Compliance Officer

Carl Reese 

Monthly meetings are held the second Monday of each month starting at 6:30.

For questions or to request information write to this mail

For Range and Clubhouse rental information, write to

or follow this link rental information.

Terms expires the last day of the expiring year. All elected terms are for a 2 year period.